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health woes

Apparently I am the unlucky possessor of carpal tunnel syndrome, I just didn't know it until we moved here. It is evidently aggravated by cold weather. Argh!

So I now am the lucky owner of a pair of wrist braces, which made an immediate and HUGE difference in the pain in my hands and wrists. They just make functioning really awkward. I'm sure I'll get used to them eventually, and actually at the moment, I'm not wearing them and I'm actually functioning fairly well. I just have to be really really careful with my hand and arm positioning. I'm going to pick up an ergonomic keyboard soon, and will likely need to make a trip to Grande Prairie, AB sooner rather than later for a real desk, since I'm currently using our old kitchen table, which is a bit too high.


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Dec. 15th, 2012 02:01 pm (UTC)
Ergonomic keyboards make it worse for me. They make my wrists bend weirdly. But I am very thin and keep my elbows by my side, so my wrists are mostly straight when using a normal keyboard.

Based on my experience, I suspect you'll find wearing the wristbrace most of the time (when your wrist is feeling bad) will reduce the overall stresses on your wrist, allowing you to not need the brace for the delicate things that it makes extremely difficult. The wrist braces I us have a metal structure under the arm that goes almost to the palm. When doing something that needs more force, I'll put the weight, the force, on the metal. That force will be spread across my forearm by the brace and completely avoid my wrist. It's really, really useful for reducing the strains my wrists encounter while allowing me to continue my everyday life. There was a period where I couldn't have shifted my car without the brace - the metal was what was moving the lever around, not my hand.

In my case, it's RA rather than carpel tunnel syndrome, but the swelling is in the same place and the responses to activities are very similar. Mine's just triggered by my immune system, rather than my daily life / wear and tear. :/
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